About Me

I am always proud of the place where I come from the beautiful beach of CamanĂ¡, a province of the department of Arequipa - Peru.

The course of the university was fundamental for me and to know what I would do and this is precisely where I had the great honor of working and studying and so I realized that I was focused on the web to build from webs to very advanced systems.

My work beginnings were fundamental to be able to value the price of time. and that this should be exploited since it is a non-recoverable resource.

There is no doubt that I must recognize and thank two very indefatigable accessories and that I get a lot of benefit from knowing their architectures and applying for projects. Thanks to WordPress and Moodle.

Now I know that knowing frontend and SEO can build many great things from my personal projects and for my clients.

Luis Gago Casas